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Dolls House Furniture

Now that your dolls house is complete it is time to add some furniture and some finishing touches.

Materials needed:

Lots of different size boxes
Poster paint
Masking tape
Toilet roll tubes
Plastersine or blue tack
Catalogue, magazines
Cocktail sticks
Egg carton
Bottle tops
Scrap material
Tin foil
Cotton wool balls
Paper cake cups

To make a bed use a thin box and cover with material. To make a head board just use a scrap piece of card and cut to your own design then paint.

To make a bedside table cut the egg bit off of an egg carton and cover it with a paper cake cup (you can buy them with little designs on such as flowers or you could paint some plain ones) these fit over the egg carton perfectly.

To make pillows sew some material into the shape of a cushion and fill with cotton wool balls. Make a blanket using a square piece of material.

For the wardrobe use a box, paint it and draw a line down the front of it and some small handles. Or to make it look more real like cut out a wardrobe from a catalogue and glue it to the front of the painted box. Do the same with a smaller box for a set of draws.

To add some little touches: make a rug out of a scrap piece of material and glue it to the floor. Cut some of your favourite pictures out of a magazine glue it to the wall then paint a frame around it do the same for a mirror using tin foil (remember the picture must be small to fit in with the size of the house).

For the bath cut a toilet roll tube in half cut some ends from card and glue together. Now make some legs for the bath using 4 matchsticks (make sure the end that strikes is cut off). Poke the matchsticks through the bottom of the bath and hide using masking tape. You can also use matchsticks for the taps and glue them to the inside of the bath. Now paint the bath and legs and leave to dry. Once dry use some plastersine or blue tack to support the legs to make the bath stand.

For the sink use a small cardboard box. Now cut a small hole in the top big enough for a bottle top. Push the bottle top into the hole and push some cut up matchsticks into the top of the box for the taps. Paint the box, bottle top and taps and leave to dry. Once dry draw a line down the front and paint some knobs on and now you have a very stylish sink unit.

To make a washing basket use a bottle lid, paint it and leave to dry. Once dry glue a scrap piece of material inside to make it look like a real washing basket.

To add some finishing touches: make a mirror as above and put it above the sink. Make a mat as above. Make some scales using a thick piece of card and cut a picture of bathroom scales from a catalogue and glue to the card. Paint a straw and hang it on the wall using plastersine to make a towel rail and a scrap piece of material for the towel.

Living room:
To make a settee you need two longish thin boxes. Lie one flat and glue the other one length ways behind it (until it resembles a settee) you could then glue cotton wool onto it and cover with material or you could just cover it with material. To make an arm chair use and egg carton and glue some cardboard around it until it resembles a chair then cover it the same way as the settee. You could make to chairs if you prefer.

To make a coffee table use four matchsticks glued to a thick bit of cardboard and secure with plastersine to the floor.

Cut a picture of a wall unit from a catalogue and glue it to a box that matches it's size but it must be larger then the settee and the rest of the furniture.

Make a TV unit using a small box; paint it and draw a line down it with some small knobs and there is your TV unit. Now to make the TV: you need a match box and a cut out picture of a TV, glue it on and your dolls won't be stuck with for entertainment.

Make a large floor lamp. Make a cone shape from a small piece of paper (but it has to be big enough to attach to a straw), secure it to the straw (you can cut the straw to make it any size you want, but the bigger the better) and secure the base with plastersine. You can then paint the base and the shade to match the rest of the room.

Add some finishing touches: cut out some pictures as done for the bedroom for the walls. Make a rug for under the coffee table as in the bedroom. Cut a fire from a catalogue and glue it to the wall.

To make kitchen units for the wall use two match boxes and paint them, then draw a line down the middle and some knobs on each one, then glue them to separate walls.

For the kitchen sink use a medium size box, cut a hole in the top of it and use a silver milk bottle top as the sink. Then use some tin foil as the drainer. Paint the front and sides of the box as the same colour as the wall cupboards.

For the cooker cut out a picture of a cooker front and glue it to the box, then paint some red hobs on the top. Do the same thing for a washer but leave the top white.

To add some finishing touches: use a small bit of card for a shelf and glue it to the wall, then paint some plates on the wall. Cut out a small picture of a micro wave and glue it to the wall above the kitchen unit.

To make curtains:
You will need material, a needle and thread and some cocktail sticks to hang from the windows. Sew a hem into the top of the two bits of material, thread the cocktail stick through the two curtains and hang them from the windows using blue tack to secure the pole.


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