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Selling your Home

Before you can show people around your house it must be cleaned thoroughly, all repairs done and if necessary you will have to spend some money on redoing decorating, paint etc.. Print off this checklist and go through your house ticking the boxes as you finish them. Once done you are ready to start showing people around. Good luck

It is really important when you are selling your property that the outside of the house looks good. This will be the first thing a potential buyer will see.

If the outside is a mess and looks like it is need of repairs it will give them a negative attitude toward the house. You have to make them want to come and look at your home and if they see how good the exterior is they can only presume that the interior is just as good. You could hire a gardener to do it for you or you could it yourself, either make sure it is kept clean and well trimmed. AND don`t over do the ornament.

Sweep driveway and Paths
Mow lawn and tidy boarders
Hedges trimmed, trees pruned
Put up hanging baskets
Make sure there is no litter in the garden
Clean out your pond if you have one
Clear away all children's playthings bikes,toys etc..
Make sure there is no dogs dirt on the lawn

Store any tools, appliances in units or in boxes
Make sure the floor is thoroughly swept and clutter free
Ensure garage is well lit

Buyers will pay close attention to the condition of your roof. Re-patch or where necessary, and fix leaky, corroded drains and gutters. Inside, a watermarked ceiling is a sign to buyers that the roof has leaked even if the damage has been repaired.


A neat and clean entryway creates a positive first impression. Replace faded house numbers with new ones. Make sure the doorbell is working properly.

Clean the front door inside and out and if needed give it a coat of paint
Cobwebs cleared
Touch up paint work (if tarnished or chipped)
Ensure hall is well lit
Remove shoes, bags and keep coats tucked out of sight

Living/dining room
Make your living room look spacious by decluttering it and keeping everything organized and neat. Don`t cover all wall space with furniture pull the furniture away from the walls this will make the room seem bigger. If something doesn`t belong in there get it out. If you decorate this room keep the colours light and soft this will also make the room appear bigger.

Pull back curtains
Turn TV and stereo off
No clutter
Fresh flowers
Open a window to air the room
Newspapers and magazines put away neatly
Fireplace clean/ashes removed. Clean out the chimney.

As every one knows the kitchen is the room that everyone is interested in. The kitchen should have plenty of space, storage and plenty of worktops. If you haven`t got much storage space have some wall units put in. Change door handles to make them look newer you could also paint units to give them a modern look.

Keep a window open to get rid of cooking smells
Clean dishes and put them away so that they are out of sight
Make sure worktops are clean and clutter free
Cooker cleaned properly (if you are leaving the cooker behind ensure you clean it inside as well
Clear pet bowls and baskets
Mop floor - gives a nice fresh smell
Make sure your appliances are sparkling

Make sure the bathtub and shower are spotless
Remove mildew stains from tiles and grouting
Clean shower curtain thoroughly
Tidy the laundry area and put clean fresh towels on display. Put some potpourri in a dish to give it a nice smell

Make the beds
Put all clothing in drawers/wardrobes
If you have walk in wardrobes clear them out. Not only will they look tidier but they will look a lot bigger
Open windows

Repairs & touches
If walls are cracked, the paint work is yellow and the wallpaper is dated it will put potential buyers off. Go around your house and check that there is no damages if they are have them repaired.

Skirting boards clean and dusted
Cover nail holes
Cracks, chips and leaks repaired
Repair any damages to walls
Painting touched up or redone
Wallpaper walls where needing done. Don`t decorate the whole house unless needed
If there are only parts of the walls that are damaged and you can`t afford to have them repaired cover them with a nice picture, mirror or a piece of furniture.

Doors & Windows
Make sure that all the windows open and close easily
Check that doors don`t need oiling and that they shut and open easily
Check that door knobs, handles and latches aren`t loose
Repair any cracks in glass
Have all the windows cleaned
Make sure your door bell is working properly and replace door numbers if they are looking a bit tatty
Make sure the window frames aren`t damaged
If you can afford it replace your old windows with double glazing.

Vacuum thoroughly
Are carpets clean and in good condition? If not have them steam cleaned
If you have wooden floors, sweep thoroughly and make sure there are no stains or scratches showing
Mop the kitchen/bathroom floors until they are gleaming. Make sure they are dry before you show anyone about
If there are stains on the carpets or if they have faded cover them with furniture or decorative rugs. Do the same with wooden floors if they are scratched or you could give them a varnish.

Lighting & Plumbing
Have any overhead lighting fixed if not working
Put in new lamp shades or chandeliers. You can always take them with you when you move
All wiring should be covered
Make sure you have high watt bulbs in dark rooms
All sockets are in working order and that they turn on and off easily
Toilet in good working order
Have any leaks fixed immediately


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