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 Category: women

The Language of Women

perhaps = no

I'm sorry = you will regret that

we need = I want

you decide = the right decision should be obvious

do it like you think = you'll pay for that!

we have to talk = I want to complain about something

do it if you like to = I don't want you to do it

I'm not angry = of course I'm angry, as***le

you're so manly = you should shave

you're really nice to me today = you're thinking of sex, don't you?

switch off the light = I have cellulites

the kitchen is impractical = I want a new house / apartment

I want new curtains = and carpets, furniture and wallpaper

do you love me? = I want to ask for something expensive

how much do you love me? = I did something you won't like

you have to learn how to communicate = you just have to have my opinion

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